Cusco Walking Tour 04 hours


YANAPAY TOUR E.I.R.L. organizes the walking tour around the most representative places of the city. We consider this is the best way to observe the Incas palaces, squares, temples, wide streets, which are still standing; this beautiful city was perfectly adapted to the new European building style getting an extraordinary mixture of two different cultures. This short walking tour allows the visitor to understand better the roots and origin of the quechuas culture or the Incas while you explore the ancient streets. A very informative tour guide will be provided to to get the minimum details of the history of the city.
The walking tour starts at the Main square (plaza de armas) where was located the palaces of the most representative leaders of the quechua Culture such as Inca Viracocha on which was built the cathedral of Cusco.
The walking continues on the streets of Hatun rumiyoq where is located the famous twelve angled stone which is a little tiny piece of the palace of great leader Inca Roca and an evidence of perfection of Incas architecture; now a day it is the museum of Palacio Arzobispal; then we find Loreto street where we can appreciate a long wall which shows the finest style of Incas architecture which is part of the palace of Wayna Qhapaq (qhechua king)upon was built the Church of Compañia de Jesus and the Palace of Justice near is located the Acllahuasi or House of the Chosen Women (acllas were women designated to accomplish special tasks for the Inca).
Then we walk around the temple of the sun known also as Santo Domingo church, where is seen clearly the merger of two different building styles (Incas and Spaniard), then we will find the avenida el Sol where is fond a big mural painting which explains the evolution of all our history.
At the ending; our last activity is the visit of the traditional San Pedro market where the best are the fresh tropical fruits, coffee ground, different flavors tea, and Cacao paste.


  • Hotel pick up.
  • Professional English speaking tour guide.


  • Entrance fees to the cathedral 25 soles (Peruvian currency) or USD$ 08 museo Inca 10 soles or USD$ 04 Santo Domingo Church 15 soles or USD$ 05.


  • Original Passport
  • Student card (ISIC Card if you are student)
  • A backpack (for personal items)
  • Warm clothes (nights are cold)
  • Confortable walking shoes
  • Cash to tip the tour leader and to buy drinks and snacks. (Peruvian currency)

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